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What Is Intumescent Paint- Fire Resistant Paint and When Do You Need It?

Fire Finish is a water-based, glass fiber free intumescent product with optimized properties that allow for Can get wet 1 hour after product is applied. 2 hour rated, flat, water based, intumescent fire retardant paint for use on walls to increase the time rating of drywall assemblies. Do not expose treated area to moisture for 24 hours. Apply one (1) coat at the rate of sq. ft. per gallon. Flame Safe. Get in touch today! Guaranteed reply in 1 hour within business hours. Providing Cellulosic Passive Fire Protection, our PPG STEELGUARD intumescent coatings work by expanding at high temperatures, from a very thin, lightweight. Page 1/4 NATIONAL INTUMESCENT PAINT 24 hours. 48 hours. 60 hours. 72 hours. Maximum desired over coating time. Fire retardant lumber and plywood can be used with other materials to create code-required assemblies rated for 1 or 2 hours.

Provides up to 4-hour fire protection in construction joints per ASTM E Applied as a 1/8" (3mm) coating, it dries quickly to a uniform seal in a. Fire Resistance, Recommended Coating Thickness (I-Beam), Product Usage Per Coating. 1 hour fire protection, mm thk / 2 coatings, grams / m 2. For over 25 years, Firetect has been the leading supplier of Class A fire and flame retardant paints, coatings and saturants to a global customer base.

This barrier coating / ignition barrier comes in both insulating and fire Approved Ignition Barrier over Foam; E - 1hour & 2 hour rated wall assembly. Optional insulation. • Optional RC-1 channel. 1 Hour Fire-Rated Construction. Non-Loadbearing wt. 6. • 5/8" SHEETROCK FIRECODE Core gypsum. UL Des U The intumescent coating can be used on plasterboard of 9 mm to 12 1/2 mm thickness and also to 18 This gives an hour of fire protection to the surface. Fire protection isn't just a good thing to have in a steel-framed building Within the MONOKOTE® brand there is a family of products; each product is.

Water Based Intumescent Paint. UL Certified up to 3 Hours Fire Rating. For use with Steel, Wood, Gypsum, Tin Ceilings. Fire Retardant Spray for Fabric, Wood, Thatch & More - Class A Flame Retardant Spray -Eco Safe - NFPA ASTM E Gallon Pail of DRI-ONE® by Desert. DC is a water based intumescent coating used to increase fire resistance ratings and reduce the flammability and smoke development of construction materials.

FireGuard E intumescent coating is an intumescent paint that is especially recommended to reach 1 and 2 hour fire ratings on drywall / sheetrock for wall. Flame Control Fire Retardant Paints are decorative, protective coatings designed to reduce the spread of flames in the event of Rating: Class A - 1 Hour. Flame Control E 2 Hour is a water-based, interior, intumescent, latex paint designed for use on walls to increase the time rating of the drywall.

PPG SPEEDHIDE® Fire Retardant Interior Latex is a low VOC*, water based flat latex, fire retardant paint that is ideal for use on properly prepared interior. Intumescent Solutions. Structural Steel. 1 and 2 Hour Fire. Ratings. Structural Wood. Upgrade unrated wood assemblies to 1 and 2. Hour rated assemblies. Fire retardant coatings applied in homes can save lives. All approved formulas have a minimum Class A rating ( hour flame spread). These coatings can. steelwork for up to a 4 hour fire rating, depending on the design. Thin film coating - offers an economical solution to alternative fireproofing.

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FlameOFF Fire Barrier Paint is a water-based thin film intumescent coating providing up to 2-hour fire ratings on interior Steel & Gypsum and 1 hour on. FBL UL Certified Intumescent paint for steel is a water-based, low VOC, high solids that provides up to 2 hours fire rating on steel columns and beams. Fire-Resistant Paint. Firefree 88 provides fire resistant ratings required by the International Building Code, per ASTM E (1 and 2 hours), FM FIRE RETARDANT PAINT. LATEX INTUMESCENT COATING. FLAT FINISH FR Features. General Description. • Intumescent product. • Flame Spread Rating. Albi Clad is a solvent based intumescent mastic coating (fire resistant paint) applied to It is UL classified for up to three hours of protection. Since the length of time that a gel product is effective after application is on the order of hours, these would be applied only when a wildfire threatens. Cementitious Coating. Passive fire protection tends to fall into one of the following three categories: dense concrete, lightweight cementitious and intumescent. Documented and proven to go up to 1 hour on wood, 2 hours on gypsum and 2 hours on steel. FlameOFF® FR Clear is a clear fire retardant coating for wood and. 1. Fireproofing for Structural Steel. Vermiculite Fireproofing Spray · Intumescent Paint. 2. Fire Compartmentation. Product - Intumescent coating for fire protection of structural steel for columns, in ihe W/D range of to and for /2 and 1 hour rating.
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